POKESPECIAL--gold is love

Before we begin, just for the record.

HEADS UP! Some necessary information to know about the Japanese schooling system since that's what we're using as a setting:

  • Students do not switch classes; teachers do.  Therefore, the students have very little choice in what classes they take, since they stay with the same group of kids in the same classroom all year.  There is usually ONE elective where students go to another classroom for an hour, but everything else is set.
  • Japan runs on a 6-3-3-4 school system.  That means there are 6 years of elementary school, 3 years of middle school, and 3 years of high school. Basically, ninth grade is part of middle school, so freshmen don't exist hahahaaa.  There are first-years, second-years, and third-years.
  • Japan is a far more studious nation than we, with a high school dropout rate of only 2% and ZERO illiteracy.
  • The school day is long.  It tends to go from around 8 in the morning to 5, with a half-day on Saturdays.  Sunday is the only day off.
  • Even with these hours, students tend to spend most of their time at school because of clubs. Clubs are a VERY important part of the Japanese student lifestyle, with nearly everyone involved in one.  And that's the thing, you can only be in ONE, unless you want to switch.  Loyalty and dedication to that club is everything, and students are expected to be there nearly every time that club meets.  There is usually a festival at the beginning of the school year to introduce students to what clubs they can join.
  • Students usually bring a lunch from home, but there is almost always a small lunch stand in the downstairs lobby.  They typically eat in the classrooms. NO, THERE IS NO EATING ON THE ROOF but that's just so frickin' awesome we can PRETEND, okay?
  • Students wear uniforms lol duuuh.
That should be good.